PKTwo - ChatAlert!


PKTwo were ready to undertake a limited beta programme of a new release of their ChatAlert! ( software, wishing to invite up to one thousand users to take part.

To facilitate this they required a secure download facility to distribute the software, ensuring it was only available to invitees. In addition PKTwo wished to record pertinent details of users who had elected to download the software as well as confirmation the user had agreed to an end user license agreement. Finally, PKTwo required a facility to view downloads completed to date as well as the ability to terminate the programme at any time.


MeanTeam created a bespoke Microsoft VB.NET web application with a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 data store. PKTwo would send an invitational email to selected recipients. The outgoing email from PKTwo contained a link to a registration page in the new web application. The registration page requested and validated basic user details which were then stored in the SQL Server database. Safeguards were present to prevent a user from registering twice as PKTwo only wanted to allow a single download per email sent. Once details were recorded successfully, a further validation email was despatched from the web application containing a link to a download page. The link contained a randomly assigned identifier which matched the user’s record in the database. Upon following the link and providing the identifiter was valid and the user hadn't already downloaded the software they were presented with the End User Licence Agreement. Once the user had read and signalled their acceptance of the EULA by ticking the tick box, they were permitted to click the download button which initiate the streaming of the software to the user. Following a successful download, the user’s record was updated to indicate success thus preventing any further downloads from the same emailed link. Should the download fail, the user was invited to try again. A seperate administrator interface was provided to allow PKTwo to temporarily or permanently suspend user registrations and/or application downloads as well as view all user registrations and downloads to date.


Customer comment

"MeanTeam helped us enormously after our previous contractor let us down. They were able to recover the site, work out the programming and make the needed amendments for us to be live to the world. Due to their excellent efforts, we further contracted them to create a download management system on a SQL platform for us." Fraser Larcombe, ChatAlert! Product Director, PKtwo

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